For me, drawing is the basis of my creative process. For the design of a painting I usually make some sketches and work them out in a drawing on the canvas. I also make a drawing for the designs of my sculptures first. In drawing I develop my thoughts to use them as the basis of my designs. I do both as an artist and as an inventor. Draw with pencil, chalk or in AutoCad on the computer. For me, every drawing is an invention and every invention is a work of art. For the design of projects I work on my computer engineering work with millimeter accuracy. As a reaction to this I let myself go completely in my free drawings. Lately in quick abstract impressions with pastel chalk. Quickly searching for compositions of lines and colors. For me, drawing is like improvising a pianist on a piano. A line created by a natural movement and after which it determines where the next line and in which color it will come. Lines like notes and colors as tones in music. The drawings are my finger exercises on the pallet of the piano. The red thread of all my work is the water. From the simple scratchy scratch drawings through oil paintings, bronze sculptures to worldwide hydraulic engineering projects, “Engineering Inventions: focusing men …. environment … future!

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Original oil pastel drawings