Johann Heinrich Reindert van den Noort 1940

1940. Born on 7 January in Kampen as the eldest of four children of Johann Willem (Willem) van den Noort and Grietje Cornelia ten Kate. Willem is a garage owner in Kampen.

1946. Johann goes to primary school in Kampen and appears to be dyslexic but has an extraordinary talent for drawing.

1952. Regular visits to the studio of the artist Henk Poeder. Draws many river IJssel scapes with boats, jazz musicians, portraits and is especially interested in the work of Pablo Picasso. Is a lover of water sports and sails a lot on the river IJssel.

1956. Goes to the Automotive Technical School in Apeldoorn and follows here a technical education.

1958. Visit regular the studio of the expressionist painter Jan Roeland and paints his first oil painting “Autumn scape” 50 x 60 cm in an abstract style.

1960. For the new building of the his school, he makes in hall of the school a mosaic ‘Advance of the Technique’. In the second half of that year he goes to the evening academy of art in Amsterdam and gets lessons from the professor and artist Hens van der Spoel.

1962. Goes into military service at the automotive technical department and follows a pottery course during the service and makes a number of ceramic sculptures. Sails in his free time in a sailboat and often participates in sailing regatta’s.

1963. Moves to England and works as volontary in a car showroom in Regent Street in London. Visit often the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery and the Royal Academy for Art. Is especially interested in the sea scapes of William Turner and Constable.

1964. Marries Janna Hoogerhuis form Apeldoorn and becomes assistant managing director at Vermaats touringcar business in Hellevoetsluis in the Netherlands.

1965. Birth of his first son Johann Willem.

1966. Goes back to Kampen and takes over the car business from his father.

1967. Birth of his second son Michael Cornelus. Becomes a member of the painters association in Kampen the “De Varfdeuze” and start painting in a cubistic style. Makes in addition to seascapes, portraits, figures and still lifes.

1968. Becomes secretary of the “De Varfdeuze” and will remain so until 1985.

1972. Build a seaworthy sailing yacht and from that time he sails several thousand miles a year at sea, including tours to Denmark, England, France, Belgium, Scotland and Norway.

1975. From this year on, he only focuses himself on the seascape, maritime paintings, drawings and watercolors in a realistic style and there are a number of exhibitions of his work, including in Amsterdam, Dronten, Enkhuizen, Hattem, Kampen, Leeuwarden and Zwolle. The realistic period lasts until 1984.

1977. From this year on, fulfilled various administrative positions as chairman, secretary, treasurer and board member in the following organizations: Junior Chamber, Technical School Kampen, Christian HAO Zwolle (later Windusheim), Small business association and Industrial Club in Kampen, Bovag, Cultural committees, Committees for visual arts, board of directors of Otogros BV, Rotary and Dutch Order of Inventors.

1979. Builds a new and modern car business on the industrial estate of Kampen and starts in the showroom with exhibitions of various artists such as Kees Kieft, Jan Brokkelkamp, ​​Fred Sieger, Karel Appel and many young artists.

1984. Has his last exhibition with realistic work. Sells in that exhibition (of 80 works) most of his work and after the exhibition he destroys a large part of the works from his realistic period. He seeks a new style to paint the nature of the sea in a contemporary way. He visits in that time many exhibitions, art fairs and museums in the Netherlands and abroad as the MAMO and Guggenheim in New York. He also was interested and studied the work of the modern American expressionistic artists as Willem de Koning, Jackson Pollock, Barnet Newman, Joan Mitchell, Clifford Still and Mark Rothko.

1985. Starts with painting expressionist abstract seascapes. With a few other artists he set up an advisory company for visual art “Holland Artadvice BV’.

1986. Sails with his sailing yacht to Scotland and passes the Farne Ilands. These islands with the many seabirds and seals make a huge impression on him and a large number of abstract paintings of the “Farnes” arise.

1987. There are a large number of solo exhibitions of his work, among others at Tripple Tree Gallery in Amsterdam, Gallervan Hulzen in Leeuwarden, Gallerde Zonnewagen in Oldebroek, in Eilat in Israel and the Municipal exhibition space in Kampen. Publications appear in newspapers and art magazines, among others in the art magazines Kunstbeeld, Kunstwerk Journaal and Tableau.

1988. Sailed with friends in their sailing yacht Zevalk II to Norway and ending up in a severe storm of force 9BF. The storm is an inspiration source for dozens of paintings. From the sailing ship the Windspirit along the windward islands in the Caribbean Sea, he makes for the first time a deep sea scuba dive. This dive was almost fatal to him, but from now on he also discovered the underwater world and many art works with this subject were created.

1991. Inspired by the sculptors as Henry Moore and Alberto Giacometti he starts making sculptures based on seabirds, crabs and fish.

1993. Holds his first exhibition of sculptures exclusively at gallery De Zonnewagen in Oldebroek.

1994. Becomes honorary member of the Bovag because of great administrative merits in the Federal Board and as chairman of the district of East of the Netherlands.

1995. During the floods in the Netherlands he made the invention of the a floating flood defense system and received a year later, among other things, the gold medal for the best civil engineering invention in the world for that year.

1996. Sells the car businessand focused himself only on the visual arts and his invention. Receives 6 international awards for the invention of the Self Closing Flood Barrier.

1997. Is co-organizer of many important exhibitions in the town of Kampen, including Pablo Picasso, Mark Charchall, Kees van Bohemen, Karel Appel, Jeroen Krabbe, Narcis Sernyà and Hens van der Spoel. Holds lectures on visual art and regularly opens exhibition of other artist.

1998. Invents the Tidal Hydropower Turbine to generate electricity out of tide streams.

2000. Following the environmental disaster with the oil tanker “Erica” on 28 December 1999 before the French coast, he invents an Oil Recovery Vessel to collect oil pollutions from the sea surface. and receives therefor the “2001 Infra-Tech Innovation Award” from the Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management in the Netherlands.

2001. Designthe Rotating Floating Airport as an alternative hub for the airport Schiphol in the North Sea and, together with the engineering company Royal Haskoning and the Delft University of Technology, is conducting a feasibility study into this airport. Publication in the “Staats Courant”of 15 October 2004.

2003. Gives guest lectures and holds lectures for universities and technical colleges about art and innovation. Makes for his innovations many foreign trips to, including, Europa, America, Australia, Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

– Nominated till artist of the Year 2003.

2004. His wife Janny dies suddenly on 5 June.

2005. Start his own art gallery in Huys der Kunsten, Voorstraat 20, Kampen and show his work there permanently.

– Following the tsunami environmental disaster in Asia, he developed the Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier to neutralize tsunami waves before the reach the coast. 

– Receives the Royal decoration of “Knight in the order of the Dutch Lion.

– Holds a retrospective exhibition in the Municipal Exhibition Space in the city of Kampen

2007. Marries Anna Petronella Plas on 8 May.

2008. Developed a new model of the Self Closing Flood Barrier.

2010 Developed the Self Closing Flood Door a smaller type of barrier for private houses.

2012. Receives the Wall Street Journal Technological Innovation Award for the design of the Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier in the USA.

2013. Receives the Edison Award for the Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier in Chicago in the USA.

2014. Receives the Honorary token in Silver from the city of Kampen.

2015. Stopt with his innovations work and concentred himself full on his artwork.

2017. Receives an honorable mention for the painting ‘Boat refugees at the exhibition’ Water Connect.

2018. Made in this year the record of 240 artworks.