Anyone who assumes that Van den Noort, as an inventor, operates in a strictly separate field of activity, is short of both the artist and the inventor. After all, the strength of the renaissance man lies in cross-border thinking and working. Red thread in everything he does is: water. But within this thematic limitation he claims all the freedom he deems necessary for his talents and insights to make use of projects that make a valuable, inventive contribution to solving world problems. Like his innovative projects, his works of art also derive from the experience of everything that has to do with water. Here too, it is all about enriching our existence with fresh ideas, special finds and insights and unexpected solutions. For Van den Noort, every work of art is an invention and every invention is a work of art. Johann van den Noort is often called “the Leonardo Da Vinci of the twentieth one century”. (Wim an der Beek)

Inventions of Johann van den Noort

  • 1974.       Self-steering wind vane for sailing yachts. (not patented).
  • 1995.       Self Closing Water Dam (Patents: NL 0726364, EU 96200098, US 5.725,326.).
Abstract: The invention relates to a movable dam for a water-course. By low water the barriers is stored in a basin in the ground. During a flood the barrier floats up and protects the hinterland for flooding.
  • 1998.       TWT Tide Water power turbine. (patent NL.1015553 )
Abstract: The invention relates an underwater turbine which generate electricity out of a normal low tide stream.
  • 2000.       Moving wave barrier for swimming pools. (patent: NL 1015077)
Abstract: The invention related a swimming pool movable wall to make it possible to make from a normal swimming pool a wave pool.
  • 2001.       Oil Recovery Vessel. (patent: NL.1014638).
Oil recovery vessels have the goal to remove oil pollution  at oil calamities to prevent environmental disasters. It is an object of the invention to provide an oil recovery vessel, wich combines the advantages of oil recovery with a simple, but never the less effectively operating construction.
  • 2001. Solution how to stop the BP Oil Spill in the Golf of Mexico. (not patented.)
Abstract: The invention concerns a solution for the oil spill in the Golf of Mexico to close the oil well form BP on the seabed.
  • 2002.       Jetty for ferry in tidal water. (Not patented)
The invention relates to a ferry with a ramp. The ramp car makes it possible to moor a ferry in tidal water on a slope with a small angle.
  • 2003.       Rotating floating airport (patent: NL 1018223).
The invention relates to a rotating floating airport with a fixed terminal house that can be constructed in an open water or sea to make it possible to take off and land aeroplanes. This floating airport will be constructed around a fixed terminal house that is build on the bottom of an open water or the sea and is connected with the coast by a tunnel / metro-line. The floating airport can rotate in such a way that the runway always can be turned in the wind what makes it possible to take off and land in all weather conditions. The airport needs only one runway and the surface of the floating island can in this way be reduced till minimum dimensions. By this relative small surface of the airport the environment will be effected till a minimum.
  • 2008.       Self Closing Flood Barrier. (patents: WO 209139622, EP 2315880, US 2011110722, JP5702276B, Au200947029, CN102099530B, MX 2010012365
The invention relates a Self Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) is an improved version of the invention of the Self Closing Waterdam (SCW). This invention has been applied worldwide on all continents to protect buildings and cities against flooding. For more information see here.
  • 2012. Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier ( patent: PCT/NL2012/205025).
The invention relates to a device for reflecting a tsunami wave at sea and a method for protecting a quantity of coast. The Twin Wing Tsunami Barrier operaties independently form coastal early warning systems and positioned across a bay or along a coastline, people, communities, economies and governments can now be protected. See video.